October 16 - We've updated apktool most recent version (2.02)

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are used to decompile the APK files?

The decompilation is done with the following free tools:

The site itself is build in Python using the Django Framework and powered by a PostgreSQL database.

Why would someone want to decompile an APK file?

Being able to see the source code of Android has lots of applications from performing security audits to reverse engineering third-party protocols or APIs.

How do I import decompiled code into Eclipse?

Once you download the decompiled files, extract them to a folder on your computer. Then open up Eclipse and go to File » New » Project... and choose Android Project from the New Project window. On the next screen, select Create project from existing source and choose the folder that you extracted the decompiled code to. Fill in the other options as you normally would and you're ready to go. Note, this assume that you have the ADT Plugin for Eclipse installed.

Why won't the decompiled code compile correctly?

The decompilation process isn't perfect and the code you get won't mirror the original code 100%. Things like variable names, loop structures and anonymous inner classes might be interpreted differently and not compile correctly unless manually adjusted.

Do you run any other websites?

Yes, we run several other websites including UnPHP.net, abnoba.io, and pizzar.io which lets you search for pizza coupon codes from stores that are close to you.